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Family holiday Cornwall

Planning a Trip to Cornwall with Small Children

If you have babies or small children, it can be tricky to plan for a holiday. First of all, you wouldn’t think of traveling very far or go to remote places because little ones do not take very well to long travels. Second, you need to find hotels or places to stay that accommodate kids. Lastly, you need to find a destination where the whole family can have fun, regardless of age. Thankfully, Cornwall fulfils all of these. In fact, Cornwall has been a much loved family destination for years, and they have much to offer all guests.

Foods to Tempt You to Cornwall

Located in the southwest part of the Great Britain peninsula, almost the whole of Cornwall is surrounded by sea. Its three sides are surrounded by bodies of water so the county has an abundance of seafood, especially fish. However, there are more cuisines in Cornwall that do not revolve around fish. If it is your first time in this English county, then this list is perfect for you as it gives the must-try dishes you should at least taste before leaving the county. Cornish Pasty Because of its fame and ubiquity, the Cornish Pasty can easily pass off as the national dish of Cornwall.


Most Romantic Spots in Cornwall for a Marriage Proposal

There are many beautiful beaches in this area, but the glorious arc of Constantine beach really is a sight to beholdWith the backdrop of the old lighthouse on Trevose Head, this is a wonderfully scenic location for those proposal spot photosFinish off the experience by heading into nearby Padstow for a glass of Champagne to celebrate the engagement. Marazion’s StMichael’s Mount Lovers all over Britain never fail to flock to the iconic island of StMichael’s Mount as this place is best known for providing the most romantic getaways to innumerable special momentsMany love-struck couples pop the much-awaited question with the stunning sunset providing the dramatic backdrop to the much-awaited answerIt is thus, no wonder that couples always include this in their list as a fitting reminder to how they started on their journey.


Top 6 Reasons to Visit Cornwall on Your Holiday

There are many reasons why tens of thousands of visitors and holiday merrymakers flock to the south-western portion of the British Isles known as Cornwall. With an excellent mix of fantastic beaches, laid-back Cornish countryside, quality holiday accommodation and the hustle and bustle of modern living, there are a thousand and one reasons why you need to visit this region. However, all of these can be summed up in the top six reasons Cornwall is worth visiting. 1. Spectacular beaches and coastline The biggest draw to Cornwall is undoubtedly the beautiful beaches and amazing scenery which wraps the coast of this county in the South West of England.


Memories are Made in Beautiful Cornwall

Memories are made in Cornwall. Nothing can best epitomise the real essence of a fabulous holiday in Cornwall than this famous motto of VisitCornwall. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a family hoping to strengthen family ties, a couple who wants to rekindle the passion in their relationship, a group of friends who are just longing for some time out from the hustle and bustle of mundane yet highly stressful city life, or any other individual who happens to be looking for a more relaxed, out of the ordinary holiday experience.