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Foods to Tempt You to Cornwall

Located in the southwest part of the Great Britain peninsula, almost the whole of Cornwall is surrounded by sea. Its three sides are surrounded by bodies of water so the county has an abundance of seafood, especially fish. However, there are more cuisines in Cornwall that do not revolve around fish. If it is your first time in this English county, then this list is perfect for you as it gives the must-try dishes you should at least taste before leaving the county. Cornish Pasty Because of its fame and ubiquity, the Cornish Pasty can easily pass off as the national dish of Cornwall.

Burgers & Fish Padstow Restaurant

Six of the Best Restaurants in Cornwall

Whether you are on holiday or just enjoying the serenity of this beautiful peninsula, Cornwall is certainly a worthwhile destination for fine dining and eating out. The choice of restaurants and variety of types of food and beverages make this region exceptional. From serving local delicacies to unique tasty meals from all over the world, these restaurants are there to guarantee an unforgettable food experience that will make you want to come back for more. Naturally seafood is in abundance here, thanks to its seaside setting, so many restaurants have built their reputation on this type of cuisine.