Memories are Made in Beautiful Cornwall


Memories are made in Cornwall. Nothing can best epitomise the real essence of a fabulous holiday in Cornwall than this famous motto of VisitCornwall. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a family hoping to strengthen family ties, a couple who wants to rekindle the passion in their relationship, a group of friends who are just longing for some time out from the hustle and bustle of mundane yet highly stressful city life, or any other individual who happens to be looking for a more relaxed, out of the ordinary holiday experience. Visit Cornwall provides all the fundamental pieces of information that will make your stay in this scenic British region truly worthwhile and memorable.

VisitCornwall is your online guide to everything that’s fun and exciting in this part of the British Isles. From where to stay to how to move about, the site offers many friendly tips and pieces of advice to make your stay a truly memorable one.

It provides information on the must see and do including tips on how such adventures can be best enjoyed. There are places of interest for families, special interest groups, or simply any other tourist who simply wants to know how he or she can plan for the perfect Cornish vacation. From the Eden Project to Tintagel Castle to the Land’s End to the famed beaches of Fowey and other places of interest, VisitCornwall writes them in a very informative and truly enticing way.

Visitors often find the What’s On section of the site to be particularly helpful as this can keep them heads up on the up and coming events on all the towns and tourism sites in Cornwall. This way, holiday merrymakers will be able to plan their vacations and holidays a lot easier. It’s the perfect tool to complement one’s own calendar of activities or even annual planner.

For the gastronomers or foodies, VisitCornwall’s section on the finest and most posh eats in the region can be a wealth of tummy filling goodness. From homemade dishes that have helped define the culinary landscape of Cornwall to the Michelin-Starred restos and eateries that have begun to mushroom in the shores of the region’s famed beaches, there’s bound to be some food that’s waiting to be discovered and a brew that’s aching to bathe one’s palate and throat.

The section on Beaches is particularly helpful as Cornwall is particularly famous for these watery environments and the many activities that they provide. From Penzance to Fowey and Newquay, there are literally hundreds of world-famous beaches and a hundred more just waiting to be explored. From surfing to kayaking and other water related activities, Cornwall is a haven. And Visit Cornwall presents these spots like no other.

Where to stay in Cornwall is an absolute must for any merrymaker. And so are your travel and transportation options. For the budget conscious, VisitCornwall also has a section on special offers that will surely cut your holiday expenses quite considerably so you’ll have more of the good stuff.

If you’re bent on making wonderful memories in Cornwall, VisitCornwall is your trusted friend. Go to: