Six of the Best Restaurants in Cornwall

Burgers & Fish Padstow Restaurant

Whether you are on holiday or just enjoying the serenity of this beautiful peninsula, Cornwall is certainly a worthwhile destination for fine dining and eating out. The choice of restaurants and variety of types of food and beverages make this region exceptional. From serving local delicacies to unique tasty meals from all over the world, these restaurants are there to guarantee an unforgettable food experience that will make you want to come back for more. Naturally seafood is in abundance here, thanks to its seaside setting, so many restaurants have built their reputation on this type of cuisine. Without further ado, here is a review of six best restaurants in Cornwall which serve nothing less than the most excellent food you might ever experience.

1. The Seafood Restaurant, Padstow

The seafood restaurant is located in Padstow and dates back to 1975 when one of the top chefs in the country, Rick Stein and his wife Jill, came up with the idea of serving up freshly caught shellfish and all other types of fish to the Cornwall residents. Since then, the restaurant has grown to earn reputation as one of the most classy and high standard restaurants in the country. Up until now, the restaurant still holds the reputation of serving fresh and delicious meals and fish including Oysters, Mussels, Langoustines, Sashimi, Indonesian fish curry Turbot and Lobster. When it comes to offering the best services as well, this restaurant is not left behind. This is one of the restaurants where you expect VIP treatment from the moment you get in, to the moment you exit.

2. Burgers & Fish, Padstow

Staying in Padstow, nobody should end an holiday here without visiting Burgers & Fish. This Padstow restaurant specialises in creating high quality, exotic, gourmet burgers and fresh fish dishes cooked over a charcoal grill. It’s meat is sourced from local organic farms and the fish comes straight from the sea, landed at Padstow Harbour just yards from the door of the restaurant. This is a fun, trendy restaurant suitable for all the family, serving high quality food at affordable prices. This new restaurant has quickly become one of Padstow’s most popular restaurants.

3 Fifteen Cornwall, Watergate Bay

This beachside restaurant adopts fuses Cornish, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine to bring an air of sophistication to the north Cornwall coast. So if you admire the classy Italian lifestyle and exceptional dishes, then this is the restaurant to be. The menu is literally out of this world; which includes juicy steaks, chargrilled fish, and wood-fired vegetables among other scrumptious meals. This is one of the classiest restaurants in Cornwall with prices to match. But this is all in a good cause because it is a training restaurant for aspiring young chefs developed by Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation.

4. Outlaw’s Restaurant

This is the headquarters of the michelin starred chef Nathan Outlaw and his growing collection of eateries in Cornwall and in London. This restaurant is remarkably stylish and with exceptional modern delicacies. It is located on the northern cornish coast at the St Enodoc hotel in Rock and holds two stars in Michelin guide. Outstandingly, this restaurant was also ranked the fourth finest restaurant in the “good food guide.” Nathan Outlaw has an excellent reputation in serving fresh local seafood including the monkfish, cured brill, mackerel and salmon. Here, the menu is not complete without celery and Tunworth cheese, which are accompanied with the finest wines from Cornwall, France and USA. A visit to this thrilling restaurant will absolutely make your dining experience in Cornwall forever memorable. 

5. Zacry’s Restaurant, Watergate Bay

This new restaurant at the Watergate Bay Hotel, near Newquay, is absolutely outstanding. In essence, this restaurant adopts and combines the classic brasserie style with the Cornish attitude to give you a spectacular experience. The menu is inspired by contemporary American cuisine, local and international dishes. Again, this restaurant overseen by executive chef Neil Haydock promises freshly cooked food sourced from local farms and fishermen. A visit to this coastal restaurant would not be complete without sampling one of its sumptuous fish dishes. All this gives it a higher reputation and certainly deserving to be among the best restaurants in Cornwall.

6. Paul Ainsworth at Number 6

And at number six is Paul Ainsworth at Number 6. This restaurant is located in Padstow and it is widely known in the due to the great publicity it gets from its professional owner Paul Ainsworth, who hosts a television show Great British Menu. Remarkably, this restaurant holds a very prestigious Michelin star as the best restaurant for contemporary British dishes. On the menu, you are likely to find exceptional meals including Porthilly oysters, local fallow deer and pork among others, which is served with quality wine. If you are looking for a serene and elegant environment, then this is definitely the restaurant that you should consider at the top of your list.

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