The Best Spots in Newquay for Social Media Pictures

Newquay Pictures for Social Media

With spectacular beaches, stunning cliffs of seasoned rock, and the silent beauty of nature, Newquay is truly a photographer’s haven. This town on the north coast of Cornwall displays a myriad of picturesque spots that are worth posting on your social media.

Fuel your desire to travel with these social media post-worthy places around Newquay!

The Best Spots in Newquay to Take Pictures for Social Media

Bedruthan Steps

Best Spots in Newquay to Take Pictures for Social Media

The Bedruthan Steps, also known as the Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps, is an expanse of shoreline between Padstow and Newquay in Cornwall. The spectacular rock formation offers a spectacular background for that Instagram-worthy shot.

The Bedruthan Steps are not actual steps. So don’t expect to see stairs when you get there. The name Bedruthan came from a mythological giant named Bedthuran, who used the stacks on the beach as stepping stones whenever there was high tide. Strike a pose as you take some stunning shots overlooking the scenic view.

Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach is probably the most famous beach in Newquay since this beach is known for holding important surfing competitions every year. Fistral Beach is hands down beautiful with its high cliffs and dunes, but the big waves plunging against the shore will create a theatrical photo for your social media.

Huer’s Hut

Huer’s Hut is a stone hut that dates back from the late 18th and early 19th centuries; however, the structure may have been used as a lighthouse or hermitage in the 14th century.

In the 16th century, this one-story rounded building was built as a lookout for a huer. The huer would watch the arrival of the pilchard shoals and alert and direct the fishermen about them.

Aside from its historic charm, the views from Huer’s Hut are breathtaking. Revel in the beauty of the coastline over Newquay Bay, and your pictures of Huer’s Hut in contrast to the blue sea and sky will surely look exquisite on your Facebook page.

Best Spots in Newquay for Social Media: Lusty Glaze

This privately owned beach is a perfect venue for a destination wedding or other special occasions in your life. This sheltered cove provides the most stunning backdrop of the panoramic sea, especially if you take pictures during the golden hour. This may be a pricey place but the site’s exclusivity and beauty are priceless.

Lappa Valley

Create special memories with your family at Lappa Valley. This place is perfect if you want to capture pictures of your children having fun on a nostalgic steam train ride. Lappa Valley is packed with so many attractions, and every area of this fun place will surely be an interesting backdrop to your social media profile.

Sea View from Hotel Bristol

You do not want to miss the view of Tolcarne Beach from Hotel Bristol. Situated on top of the cliff, the exclusive viewpoint provides amazing views of the stunning beach. Take a snap while enjoying a cup of coffee with the most beautiful sea and sky in the backdrop.

Porth Island

Port Island, also known as Trevelgue Head, is a coastal landform located northeast of Newquay. The island brags an Iron Age promontory fort and some great ancient earthworks, including a blowhole.

You can access this beautiful island through a footbridge, making it more exciting. It is also a magnificent spot for some spectacular coastal settings, so have fun while watching the waves colliding on the rocks. Snapshots during sunrise and sunset are extraordinary, so remember to take your photos during these hours.

Japanese Gardens

Newquay may be famous for its beaches, but this place is also blessed with amazing gardens and parks. The Japanese Gardens in Newquay is just about 1 acre but packed with many photo opportunities.

It features a Stroll Garden, a Zen Garden and Water Gardens. The Japanese gardening styles and the different interesting plant varieties make this garden worth a visit.

The Killacourt

The Killacourt is a grassy spot in the town centre of Newquay. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the views of the sea and vibrant flowerbeds. It has undergone a brand new enhancement and will provide lots of interesting shops for visitors in the coming months.

The panoramic views of the sea and the colourful flowerbeds are a great combination for your picture-perfect social media update. Great music also awaits you throughout the summer and on regular weekends.

Trerice Manor

This historic manor is situated at Kestle Mill, about three miles to the east of Newquay. This house is surrounded by a beautiful garden and is open to the public. There are many activities to do and explore here, including Garden games, a Garden orchard, Barn Cafe, Secondhand Bookshop, Gift Shop and Museum.

With the beauty of the manor house and the beautiful garden, your snaps will surely be a hit on your social media page.

Watergate Bay

best spots for social media photos

This enormous beach is just about three miles from Newquay. The two-mile bright sand at low tide extends towards Newquay, and giant waves from out to sea offer a magnificent sight. Watergate Bay is also a famous kite surfing and surfing location.

Sunsets over the long expanse of beach at Watergate Bay are always amazing, so remember to capture some snaps for your social media.

And some more…

Whether you are looking for picture-postcard views or social media-worthy spots to show your friends, Newquay will not disappoint. This amazing town is blessed with historic spots, beautiful beaches and nature.

Aside from the places mentioned above, there are still many wonderful spots in and around Newquay where you can take some striking snaps for your social media. You can head to the Holywell Cave if you want to witness colourful rock formations or visit Porth Reservoir for some magnificent sceneries.

Other stunning places you can visit around Newquay include: the Eden Project, where you can see the striking dome biomes; the Newquay Zoo if you want to take pictures up close with different animals; Pentire Headland for magnificent sea views, and a lot more amazing places.

Visit Newquay any time of the year and make sure that your phone or camera can hold tons of pictures because you will never run out of amazing views when you visit this charming place.