Top 6 Reasons to Visit Cornwall on Your Holiday


There are many reasons why tens of thousands of visitors and holiday merrymakers flock to the south-western portion of the British Isles known as Cornwall. With an excellent mix of fantastic beaches, laid-back Cornish countryside, quality holiday accommodation and the hustle and bustle of modern living, there are a thousand and one reasons why you need to visit this region. However, all of these can be summed up in the top six reasons Cornwall is worth visiting.

1. Spectacular beaches and coastline

The biggest draw to Cornwall is undoubtedly the beautiful beaches and amazing scenery which wraps the coast of this county in the South West of England. Many of the country’s best beaches can be found in Cornwall, most of them gleaming with golden sand and a clear blue sea. Popular beaches include Fistral Beach in Newquay, Polzeath Beach and Sennen Cove. But be sure to explore this dramatic coast and find your own favourites on the way.

2. It’s the home of poets, legends, myths, and artists

Cornwall is home to some of the world’s most famous poets and literary geniuses, chief among them Daphne du Maurier. And even if they are not a native of Cornwall, many of the nation’s foremost poets and literary masters come to Cornwall to draw inspiration for their works. The most famous king of all, King Arthur and his legendary knights, is also one of the best reasons to visit Cornwall. Add to this Pendennis Castle, Lanhydrock House, and a whole lot more.

3. Every stone has a story to tell about the arts and culture of the land

Every coastal village has a rich marine heritage to tell. Every Cornish countryside village has some story to tell. Locals will sit down with you can tell of tales that even the most seasoned tourism guide will never match. These tales are best enjoyed with local delicacies and brews that have become the signature of the land. Of course, there are plenty of theatres, art galleries, and museums that epitomise the way of living in this scenic land.

4. There are 1000 and 1 things to explore and appreciate

The best way to explore the many wonders of Cornwall is to go on foot or ride a bike. Head out to Land’s End, Britain’s most southerly point and be the lighthouse keeper for a day. Explore the tropics and the Mediterranean at the Eden project. Visit ruined mines at Poldark or even learn of the rich history of the tin mines of Cornwall. Travel back in time to Tintagel Castle or relive the splendour of a Tudor house in Cotele. Visit the Blue Reef Aquarium, the Crealy Great Adventure Par, and the Torquay Zoo. Swim and surf and do lots of stuff, all in Cornwall.

5. It’s a gastronomer’s paradise

From Cornish pasty to the Stargazy pie, clotted cream and Cornish ice cream, and famous local brews, Cornwall has some of the best delicacies and beverages this side of the British Isles. Notable celebrity and Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants serve discriminating palates while home style cooking dot the Cornish landscape from the shores all the way to the countryside.

6. Nightlife never disappoints.

Every town and city in Cornwall has its distinct nightlife. Newquay is the unofficial centre of nightlife in Cornwall with many bars and clubs to enjoy. But Falmouth, Penzance and Bude also have some great options to a good night out on the town.

There are millions of reasons for visiting Cornwall. These are just our six top reasons why you should visit here on holiday. We hope you come soon and discover your own reasons to love Cornwall.